Take the Confusion Out of College Applications With a College Advising Consultant

It’s my passion to connect students with a perfect-fit college experience.

Karen Gill, Next Step College and Career Advisor, College advising consultant

I aim to empower clients to understand and utilize their full potential through a process fueled by strategic thinking, growth mindset, and a culture of kindness and motivation.

I Take the Time to Really Get To Know Your Teen

Done wrong, a college degree can cost more money and time than it needs to.

I know this…because this was my experience.

When I applied for college, I didn’t have the support to make a choice that centered on me as an individual. When my daughter was going through this process, I wanted to make sure she didn’t experience the additional financial burden I had.

By heavily investing in the process, I coincidently fell in love with it. It was fascinating to discover the distinctive attributes of each college and how aligning them with the individuality of each student can entirely transform the college experience.

Eight years ago, my passion for assisting my daughter and friends’ children burgeoned into a career that I wholeheartedly embraced. I expanded my knowledge by enrolling in UC Berkeley’s program for College and Career Counseling and have traveled extensively throughout the US and parts of Europe to explore colleges and understand their distinguishing features and student expectations.

“She is incredibly knowledgeable about schools and financial aid both in the U.S. and abroad.”

“As soon as we met Karen, we knew that she was exactly the right guide as our children embarked on their college journey. She is incredibly knowledgeable about schools and financial aid both in the U.S. and abroad.

Most importantly, Karen really gets to know the students, which is essential to helping them find the right fit. We both work in education and, at first, we thought we didn’t need help with the college application process. Little did we know how much things have changed since we attended college.

In the end, Karen saved us tens of thousands of dollars through the scholarships our children received. I can’t recommend her enough – and have to many friends!”

-~ Teresa McCaffrey

College is More Than Just a Degree

As a college advising consultant, I’m deeply invested in guiding your teen toward self-awareness and a deep understanding of how to leverage their individual traits and experiences into a perfect-fit college.

College is an opportunity to not only prepare for a career but to develop life skills and friendships. It’s a time for personal growth, expanding knowledge, and forming lasting connections. 

Every college is as unique as each student, and when we match up the unique qualities we create a magical experience.

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Did You Know?

Some colleges are SAT/ACT-optional. Currently, 1,600+ colleges and universities in the US are test-optional
In 2020, a record number of students applied to college, with many schools reporting increases in applications of 20% or more.
Not all colleges have traditional admissions requirements. Nontraditional admissions have asked applicants for a creative project, art portfolio, or even student-made documentaries.

You can trust me with your college application journey.

UC Berkeley’s program for College and Career Counseling
Strong Interest Inventory Certification
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner
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Eliminate the stress and frustration of the college search process and say hello to an exhilarating, promising future!

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