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College is a (Big) Investment

Every college offers wonderful opportunities, and when you feel at home you create the foundations to maximize the experience. 

College Is Not A One-Size-Fits-All Approach

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Comprehensive Plan

Make college applications a breeze and set the stage for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

It’s my goal to understand what drives each student. I embrace their aspirations and work closely with them throughout high school to pinpoint colleges where they will thrive.

Through in-depth personality and interest assessments, they’ll have the chance to explore and identify summer programs, extracurricular activities, and classes that can guide them toward potential career paths. 

With a deep understanding of what motivates your college-bound teen, they’ll craft a compelling application and essay that stands out to their dream college.

Why you’ll love this package:

Find a perfect-fit, dream college that allows for growth and success.
Stand out at highly-competitive schools with coaching on crafting unique and compelling essays and applications, as well as building interview skills.
Explore interests and career possibilities with summer programs and extracurricular suggestions.
Generate career and major ideas through YouScience, MBTI, and Strong Interest Inventory assessments and reports.
Stay on track with a customized plan that includes key deadlines and milestones.

Career and Major Intensive

Unleash potential with a personalized plan based on unique strengths and interests! As a certified Myer-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory consultant, I help tap into students’ true selves and chart a path toward a fulfilling career and college experience.

By tapping into natural talents and interests, we’ll develop a tailored, individual action plan. Whether you’re looking to explore new subjects or find the best-fit major or career, I’ve got you covered.

Gain invaluable self-awareness and insight that will empower informed decisions about college, career, and beyond.

Why you’ll love this package:

Find a dream career - no matter your stage of life.
Understand how personality can help determine a fulfilling education and career path.
Gain a deeper understanding of individual traits to confidently make decisions about the future.
Unlock your passion and purpose in your current or future career.

Accelerator Blocks

Targeted college counseling with hourly Accelerator Blocks for flexible and affordable expert guidance.

Whether you need assistance with reviewing your college list, brainstorming essay ideas, or understanding the nuances of the college admission process, the accelerator blocks offer a flexible and customizable solution. 

With one-on-one guidance, you’ll receive the personalized attention and support you need to tackle your most pressing concerns and achieve your goals.

Available for purchase in one, five, or ten-hour time blocks to fit your specific needs.

Why you’ll love this package:

Find answers quickly to your concerns.
Maximize your college application success rate by utilizing my expert advice and guidance.
Tailor your experience to target your specific needs.

The Most “Prestigious” School Isn’t Necessarily Your Perfect Fit

The 3-Steps to Thriving Framework

My signature process is propelled by a strategic mindset, an unwavering dedication to growth, and a culture of kindness and motivation.

01/ Explore

Identify and navigate the ideal college that aligns with your academic goals, lifestyle preferences, budget, and personal interests.

02/ Discover

Through in-depth assessment of your personality and interests, you’ll understand your unique values, goals, and aspirations for your future career and education.

03/ Standout

Craft a highly compelling essay and application that showcases your best qualities and accomplishments, so you stand out as a top candidate.


Your Perfect Fit College Awaits

What does the MBTI report look like?

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) provides insights into an individual’s personality type, including strengths and potential areas for development with a breakdown of four preferences (Extraversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving).

The MBTI report is designed to help you better understand yourself and your preferences in various personal and professional contexts.

What will I get out of the process?

By working with a college advisor, you will gain a wide range of benefits and support throughout the college admissions process. Some of the main things you’ll get out of the process include:

  • Expert guidance: With my extensive knowledge and expertise in the college admissions process, you’ll receive personalized guidance and support to identify and get accepted into your perfect-fit school.
  • Increased confidence: Feel more confident in your college search and application process. I’m here to answer all questions and concerns.
  • Improved organization: College applications can be overwhelming, but I ensure you stay on track and meet all of your deadlines.
  • Access to resources: I’ll help you access necessary college admissions materials, scholarship opportunities, and more.
  • Personalized support: By understanding your unique needs and goals, you’ll receive support to identify a school where you will thrive and reach your full potential.

Give your teen the gift of self-awareness and help them set the foundation for a fulfilling and successful future